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20 May 2016

Dress right and you can rule the city - or even the world!
Here's our guide showing you five ways you can to inject an edge to your minimal style and be ready for anything.


Whilst this style is about rock, you don't need hair so big it uses a whole can of hairspray.  This is about keeping things minimal with just an added splash of rock attitude.

Urban Gilt The Gilty Report Our Take On Minimal Style Rock ChickL-R: All uncredited

80’s t-shirts with album cover prints have been replaced by designs with attitude.  Givenchy might have brought the rottweiler to the table, but there are plenty of abstract and stylised imagery prints to choose from.

To really amp up that rock edge you’ll need to mix in leather, studs, zips and rips.  A word of warning though, as with all things minimal a little goes a long way.  So best not to go overboard with the detailing, otherwise you’ll get lost in the sartorial equivalent of a Bonnie Tyler power ballad.


Think a military uniform is just for the boys?  Think again.  You can add military details to a minimal style as long as the details are elegant and subtle.  If you do it right, there’s no danger you’ll be confused for a deserter!

Urban Gilt The Gilty Report Our Take On Minimal Style Military LookL-R: Uncredited,, uncredited, uncredited

A military edge works perfectly for a minimal look because it’s defined and smart.  Braid detailing on the chest works really well, especially if you want to include some gold or silver accents.

Contrasting cuff colour detail, straps secured with buckles, and rows of buttons borrowed from a Victorian Shell Jacket, are a perfect way of bringing the military vibe to what you’re wearing.


Some would say architectural style is the very definition of minimal.  It’s certainly at the origins of minimalism.  So how is adding an architectural edge to a minimal style different?  Well it’s a more extreme version.

Urban Gilt The Gilty Report Our Take On Minimal Style Architectural EleganceL-R: Uncredited, uncredited,

Take some strong lines and hard edges to your minimal look and you’ll have a style that’s both elegant and sexy.  The best part?  This style is the most versatile of all the minimal style adjustments here.  You can wear this just as easily to a meeting, to drinks in your favourite bar or to a red carpet event.

Strong panelling, the use of different textures, and tailoring, are the most important features.  Keep the number of colours to a minimum and focus instead on cut, panelling and contrast fabrics to achieve the strongest effect.


You’d have to agree that a minimal style fanatic isn’t going to wear a technicolour dreamcoat which screams “look at me”.  But the idea of bringing a flash of colour to your look, sums up best what minimal fashion is all about.

Urban Gilt The Gilty Report Our Take On Minimal Style Colour FlashL-R:, uncredited, Barcroft Media, Radek Światkowski

Against a base of beautifully cut, neutral colours, bring in a single flash of bright contrasting colour and it will shine.  It could be a belt, bag, coat or built in panelling.

A piece of statement jewellery would also work, as would channelling your inner 80’s child by wearing a pair of contrast colour socks.  Although to do that properly you’d need different colour socks on each ankle, and that’s steering well away from minimal!


The addition of a dark edge to a minimal look delivers "don’t mess with me" attitude and channels more than just a little Lost Boys style.  It’s perfect for blending into the night while enjoying the darker side of life.

Urban Gilt The Gilty Report Our Take On Minimal Style Dark EdgeL-R: /

Focus on black for the whole outfit.  Here the use of black needs to be pushed to its limit, because the details which work so well are based on cut, layering, texture and fabrics.

Low slung crotches, hoodies and baggy clothes all work for a relaxed version.  If you want to go for something more sophisticated, then focus on a slimmer silhouette and go easy on the metallic detailing like zips, buttons and studs.  You’re after a hint of something dark lurking just beneath the surface.

AND SO...?

These are just some of the ways you can raise your game with a minimal wardrobe.  There are a multitude of ways to do this though, and we’ll be bringing you more in the coming weeks.

Why not check out our range of women's tops & men's t-shirts here to bring a little GILTY edge to your minimal style in the meantime.

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