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The Hidden Power Of Working With Your Monthly Cycle

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As a soul-aligned female entrepreneur, you know your success lies in creating impact. So if someone offered to relieve you of your menstrual cycle you’d probably say, OMG YES!! But what if you realised your cycle was your greatest asset for success? That your cycle’s only a burden because you’ve been tricked into believing that...

Read on to find out how your cycle is your greatest tool for success!

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Is it uncomfortable, maybe even painful enough that you have to grab the pain killers? Are there days you wake up and feel like you’re trying to run through treacle with no idea how you’ll make it through your client meetings? Do you feel angry and have emotional outbursts?

If any of that sounds familiar, you have two options. Option 1 is to carry on as normal, take a pill to control it and another pill to take away the pain. Or option 2 is to question why you have a cycle, lean into it and discover why you were given such a gift.


It'll come as no surprise that we live in a patriarchy, a world ruled by the yang of masculine energy. Sure it’s a delicious blend of doing, focus and checking things off your to-do list. But it’s also a world where women have been pushed further into their masculine energy than is sustainable, making you feel that your menstrual cycle is a frustration standing in the way of all that achieving. So it’s only natural you’ve been taught to suppress the true function of your feminine body so you can compete while playing by the men's rules.

Something else that may come as no surprise is that men operate on a 24-hour cycle. So in the patriarchy, everyone's been expected to function within that schedule. However, women operate on a 28-day cycle, so clearly half of society is having to force themselves out of what's natural to fit in!

Is it any surprise that disrupted cycles are so common in today’s society?


The good news is working in balance with your divine feminine energy will make you just as wealthy and successful as the men, except now you’ll be in alignment with your true self. Things will flow and you’ll feel much better. Better physically, better mentally and better emotionally.

When you embrace the power of your menstrual cycle:

  • It’s like having the best life & business coach guiding you because no one knows you better than your inner self
  • It allows you to rest during menstruation and you end up being much more productive throughout the rest of your cycle
  • It shows you that the pain and discomfort during your bleed come from suppressing your cycle
  • It shows you how powerful your divine feminine power is and that’s great for every aspect of your life, whether you want to be happier, grow your business or manifest more


Your cycle has different stages and resembles the seasons of the year with a defined spring, summer, autumn and winter. While spring and summer are about expansion, autumn and winter are about withdrawal. When you embrace this process, you gain the real magic of your cycle.

SPRING - Refreshed & Ready For The External World
(Approx. Day 6 - Day 11 of your cycle)

You feel motivated and enthusiastic. Everything feels fresh. Just as a flower breaks above ground into the world during spring, you begin mentally expanding into the world around you. Winter was a time for reconnection to your inner self where you received important downloads but now you’re emerging back into the real world and Spring is the time to start putting those plans into action.

However, don’t get too excited! Think of the flower, its leaves look full of colour and vibrancy, but it’s still fragile until it builds its strength. If you can restrain yourself now, more energy is coming...

SUMMER - The Leo Of Your Cycle!
(Approx. Day 12 to Day 20 of your cycle)

Summer is the time to be visible and show up in the world with your larger than life energy! Your magnetism and attraction will bring the right people to you. It’s also the time of ovulation. You’re at your most expanded into the outside world, which means your self-critic is at its quietest, allowing you to feel confident, with the energy to match. This is the time to go full speed to act on the downloads you received during winter.

AUTUMN - Prepare For The Messages
(Approx. Day 20 - Day 26 of your cycle)

It might take you by surprise but as you enter Autumn you’ll feel yourself wanting to slow down. Maybe it’s through a lack of enthusiasm or you feel sluggish. Your cycle’s power depends on receiving downloads from your inner wisdom. So to listen, you need to slow down and quieten the outside world enough to hear those messages. If you’re running around at full speed you’ll miss the downloads and the associated wisdom.

If you find yourself feeling emotionally unstable this could be inner feelings rising to the surface. It’s a warning sign something’s out of alignment. Listen out for the inner work that needs to be done. You’re being shown what you haven’t addressed properly.

One of the skills to master is to feel detached from all the feelings rising. Acknowledge the feelings but give yourself plenty of love. Autumn is the time to become aware but don’t take action yet - that’s for Spring and Summer. Activities like yoga, journaling or drawing can all help.

You’ll likely feel a burst of energy just before the end of Autumn. This is part of your cycle helping you tidy up loose ends so you can feel as comfortable as possible during winter. That could be as simple as tidying your home or stocking the fridge, but the energy could also be used for anything that’s been on your mind. Perhaps addressing issues at work or something relationship-based.

WINTER - Let The Inner Magic Happen
(Approx. Day 27 - Day 5 of your cycle)

Winter is where the magic really happens. It’s also the time where you’ve probably been most out of alignment. Not only is it the time of menstruation but also where you will be most deeply connected to your inner self. Most importantly, it’s the season where you'll receive the downloads for what needs to be addressed in your life.

You absolutely need to hide away from the world. Not only to repair and recharge your nervous system, since resting during winter is up there with sleep for both the benefit to your mind as much as your body. But also because the veil is thinner and you’re closer to the spirit world at this point. You're able to connect to the collective consciousness and may even feel overwhelmed with love. By slowing down you'll receive the messages which will transform your life.

As for any cramps or pains, try to lean into these without medication. It might be that it becomes bearable, or even better, the love you feel may even make the pain disappear completely.


Unlike the other seasons, Winter breaks down into a series of phases. It’s impossible to say how long each will last as everyone is different but the phases happen in this order:

1. Separation

This occurs a couple of hours to a few days before you bleed. You’re at your most withdrawn and connected to your inner self. It can feel amazing when you’re living in alignment with your soul and your higher purpose. However, lookout for signs of discomfort and anxiety which will highlight the work that needs addressing.

2. Surrender

The day of your bleed, lasting a few hours to a few days. Allow yourself to totally let go and surrender yourself to the Divine Feminine. Let go of all the built-up tension and anxiety. If you find yourself grabbing the chocolate, reaching for pain killers or coming down with a cold, that’s a sure sign you’re trying to fight your body’s natural process of slowing down. If you can, don't mask or numb the feelings with temporary fixes like sugar.

3. Renewal

By resting and allowing the love to flow in you’re ready to face any deep wounding. This is important for you to remain unattached as the downloads continue. You're being held in the womb of the Universe as you begin to be reborn, so it's the perfect time for starting afresh and setting intentions for the cycle ahead. However don’t act yet, you’re still resting and recharging.

4. Visioning

This is when the downloads really ramp up a notch. Give yourself time to digest them properly. The love you’re feeling now allows you to listen without being distracted. Remain withdrawn because at this stage you’re so sensitive you could easily absorb other people’s ideas and agendas before your visions have fully formed.

5. Clarity & Direction

At this stage, you'll start to get a real sense of the specific actions and direction you need to take to manifest your intentions for your month. However, take it easy and hold on to the downloads and whatever has come up for you as you enter Spring for the cycle to start over again. This is the final phase of Winter before you return to normal life again. 


The moon’s cycle is 29.5 days. Your cycle is 28 days (approximately). So against popular belief, the moon and your cycle are likely not in sync. Just as the moon has powerful effects on our planet, like controlling the tides and affecting sleep, the moon has an impact on your menstrual cycle too. There’s no rule book for this. Everyone reacts in their own way. Some people will struggle when menstruating during a new moon, while others will be energised by it, and the same goes for any other phase of the moon.

Learn to understand your individual response to the moon so you’ll know how to prepare for an upcoming bleed. That might mean pulling back on social events or perhaps taking yourself away for a weekend.


The purpose of embracing your cycle is for you to reconnect with your innate feminine power and intuition. Tapping into your inner wisdom and not only being guided by the voice of being truly aligned with your soul but also balanced in your feminine and masculine energies. No more burning out! You'll be at your most optimised and productive, all while loving what you do and feeling at peace.

The wisdom received during your winter is pure gold. Are you making the right decision about a relationship, a business venture, a new launch? Your cycle will always steer you on the correct path if you listen and allow it.

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