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August 17, 2020 3 min read

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We truly believe the future is going to be fucking amazing!

But the key to manifesting our dreams into reality? Building a strong spiritual foundation for growth.

If you live by the following four foundational pillars, you'll achieve anything you desire in life.


First, we need a clear vision for what we desire otherwise the Universe can't help us. However, we must choose wisely.

Are the things you desire for your highest good and the greatest good of all? Or are they based on your fears of needing to measure up to other people's ideas of success, or fulfilling a lack of self-worth? Be honest with yourself about your motivations.

We must align our desires with LOVE, not fear.


This one's a biggie. What we believe is 95% subconscious, so it's not uncommon to be shocked at what you believe subconsciously. A lack of trust in ourselves, others and the Universe is surprisingly common. 

This isn't our fault and happens due to conditioning at a young age, as well as during past lives. However, it is our responsibility to identify our subconscious limiting beliefs and work on them to keep our channels of trust open.

We're big believers in theta healing, an intuitive energy modality which helps you identify and release your limiting beliefs. However we're all different, so you need to experiment and find a method which works for you.

Without trust we'll always be playing small. We might be able to build our metaphorical (or physical) house, but we'll never achieve our soul's true purpose or fulfil our potential.


Once we've established trust with ourselves, the Universe and others, it's time to let go. Be clear on the specific requirements but let the Universe works its magic, otherwise you'll be holding on so tightly you'll be blocking it coming to you.

Surrender to the Divine Plan knowing that if something's TRULY meant for you, it will happen. And if it doesn't, you'll receive an outcome even more epic in its place.

Trust what's truly yours 'for the highest good of all' already has your name on it, and when it's the perfect time to manifest, it will.


The Universe is based on energy, specifically, the flow of giving and receiving. However, what we tend to forget, lest not even realise, is we must give FIRST to receive. Then once the energy is flowing, it becomes a natural state of giving and receiving equally.

So don't wait until you have the X, Y or Z to be grateful. Give thanks today for what you DO have and see what energy shifts start happening.

At the very least, we all have oxygen to breathe and a beating heart. Besides, if you're reading this online, you no doubt have a whole lot more to be thankful for.


Practise these four spiritual pillars of love, trust, surrender and gratitude daily and they'll be no limit to the size of the empire you'll build.

Until next time, keep up the incredible work because the world needs you!


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