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How To Sharpen Your Intuition To Improve Your Life & Business

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You might call it a sixth sense. However there’s nothing woo or witchy about intuition. Intuition is how you make decisions which align with your soul. That means they’re the best decisions you can make for your life and your business.

Intuition is direct access to your unconscious knowledge, your inner wisdom. 

Do you consider yourself a Type A? Someone who leans towards their masculine energy. Chances are your goal-achieving outlook is working against you. Stopping you from being truly happy, productive and at peace. 

Read on to find out how to use intuition to your advantage and how to reconnect to your inner wisdom. 


Intuition is about connecting to the real you, connecting to your soul’s purpose. The pure you without ego getting in the way. The same you as when you were born. Before any conscious or subconscious beliefs started interfering with your judgement.

There’s even a word for it. Claircognisance - you don’t know how you know, you just do.

It’s the ability to instinctively know something to be true without needing logic or reason.


Listen to your intuition and you’ll be making decisions faster. You’ll be more aligned with your soul. Happier and more energised than if you rely on your logical thinking. The more you surrender to your intuition, there’ll be less of an internal battle because you’re cutting out the things that aren’t aligned with your true calling. 


Emotions can play a huge role in decision making. This can be seen when studying people who have suffered damage to the emotional centre of their brains because they struggle with simple decisions like choosing what to wear.

Over the years you’ve developed layers of conscious and subconscious programming, which affects how you feel about something. For instance, becoming a lawyer might gain approval from your parents, which makes you feel like you’re doing the right thing because their approval makes you feel good. Or having a big salary means you can hold your head high because society tells you money equals success.

Going for a corporate career could be your search for external validation, while totally ignoring what you want or what fits with your life’s purpose? Your emotions can play tricks and throw you off what would serve you best in life. 


The surprising truth is intuition lives in your heart, not your mind. Your heart is a small brain in itself with its network of neurons just like the brain. Research by the HeartMath Institute shows your heart can know the answer a whole second or more before the message arrives at the subconscious part of your brain. 

The heart is your 4th chakra. It’s one of the purest connections to Source, which means the heart has a grand lookout for where you are in the Universe. It can make decisions that seem to contradict what makes sense to the mind. The heart sees the whole picture but it doesn’t communicate it all at once. So that’s why listening to your intuition can sometimes feel at odds with logic. 

“The biggest waste of time is to do well something that we need not do at all” - Gretchen Rubin

If you’re not listening to your intuition then there’s a strong chance you’re out of alignment and fighting against your true purpose. 



Your ego, your thoughts, your insecurities, your negative chatter are all creating noise in your mind. To listen to your intuition you need to quiet your mind. Work on being present. Silence the worry, the what-ifs, the ego. As you quieten all that noise it’ll allow you to focus on signals from your heart. Eckhart Tolle’s book The Power of Now is a great guide for living more presently. 


One of the best ways to quieten the mind is through meditation. You don’t need to adjust your meditation practice. As you enter your meditation ask yourself a question that you want clarity on. Maybe you want to know whether you should create a course, or focus on growing your client list. 

“We simply can’t be neutral if our emotions get in the way” - Catherine Carrigan

Emotions are connected with the mind so make sure you ask the question without being attached to any outcome. You won’t know when you’ll receive the answer. It could be within the meditation it could be when you’re showering a few days later. But it’ll probably be at a time when you're not expecting it. You have to allow time for it to work. If you don’t wait you run the risk of getting involved in something which will distract you from ever hearing the answer.


Connect to your heart. Place your hand on your heart. When your intuition kicks in you’ll feel a burst of energy from your heart. Think of it as excitement, or sending a message to the brain. So ask yourself a question and look out for a flutter or a break in the normal rhythm of beating. If you’re the kind of person who’s better at focusing on goals than listening to your body this could be difficult, but with practice you’ll get it. With time you’ll even be able to listen to your heart without holding your hand there. 


When you’re weighing up options pay attention to how your body responds, your visceral reaction. Look out for signals like these:

A warm feeling Sudden chill especially in hands & feet
Openness in your chest Tightness in the gut of chest
Sudden clarity of sound or sight Nausea
Goosebumps or tingling Feeling like your mind is on high alert
Relaxation of gut & shoulders Sudden drop in energy
Hairs raised on the back of your neck Beginning of a headache


Journaling works really well too. Try a stream of consciousness writing and see what comes out. As your thoughts appear on the page, you’ll create space & calm in your mind. That space and calm will help you listen to your inner wisdom. As you're in flow with your writing, you may be hit with a sudden thought. It could be subtle but listen and journal about it. The truth is in there, you just need to listen. 

Try journal prompts like 'What would my 10 year older self say to me today?', 'What do I need to know right now?' or 'What should I let go of?'. You’ll know when you’re tuned in because you’ll feel your heartbeat reacting. 


By surrendering to your intuition you won’t see the whole picture, or maybe not fully understand what you’re being called to do, but you’ll know you’re at your most soul-aligned. The goals you’ll be working towards in your life and business will be the ones which will serve you the best. They’ll end up making you the happiest and most energised. 

The better you are at being in touch with your heart, the more intuitive you are. It’s a skill we all have, we just need to practice.


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