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How To Boost Your Energy & Achieve More In Your Day

Candice Swanepoel by Zoey Grossman

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Chances are people like Gabby Bernstein and Oprah achieve more in their day than you, yet they have the same 24 hours. So how can you become the powerhouse you were designed to be?

Read on to find out how to boost your energy and achieve more in your day.


Working for yourself means there’s a limitless range of tasks that can make it on to your to-do list. If you don’t take care of it, then who else will!

Achieving more doesn’t need more hours in the day. It all starts with how energised you feel.

Think about how you feel when you’re run down or haven’t been sleeping properly. You feel unfocused, your happiness is down, your confidence is affected and you’re less likely to exercise or eat well. Time is limited, there’s only 24 hours in a day but your energy is replenishable.

Energy is directly related to productivity, if you want to get more done, the answer isn’t a new piece of technology or organising your desk better. It all comes down to managing your energy better.

“One of the most common ways to maintain self-deception is to keep busy all the time” - Daniel Putnam

In this article, you’ll discover the key ways to increase your energy levels. Here are some methods to help you have more energy in your life and as a result supercharge your productivity.


Craig Groeschel created this audit. It’s simple but super effective. For the next 2 or 3 weeks keep track of your activities. Consider everything you do. Meetings, conversations, presentations, downtime, exercising, cooking, etc. Keep in mind that your energy levels can change with the Moon, the planets and seasons too. People tend to need more sleep in winter than summer for instance. 

Go through every activity in your schedule and afterwards score how it left you feeling based on the following scoring system:

Very draining. Something you dread doing. -2
Draining but tolerable. You can do it but not every day. -1
Brings you joy & makes you feel alive 1
What you live for. What you thrive on 2

For each day add up the scores. You should be scoring at least 0 for each day, but ideally you should be scoring positive. It will probably really shock you into seeing what things to avoid. 

Make sure you focus on the tasks that energise you and outsource or avoid anything else. Plan ahead to dodge activities which exhaust you by delegating, outsourcing, eliminating or minimising. 

It might feel hard to outsource tasks, especially if you believe no one will do it as well as you, but there’s never been an easier time with virtual assistants and resources like Fiverr. It might not be as good as what you're able to do but think about the net gain of how much happier you'll feel with the extra energy boost. 

Being happy makes you more productive. It also makes you more successful. 

This is the simple audit so if you want to go deeper, try monitoring the 4 different energy types too. 


  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Spiritual

Physical energy - If you haven’t slept well, you’re fighting a cold or just finished an intense workout, it’s your physical energy which will feel drained.

Emotional energy - If you’re emotional energy’s run down you’ll feel lethargic, stressed and you’ll struggle to make decisions. Emotional energy is 70% of your total energy. 

Mental energy - This is how well you think analytically. When your mental energy is drained your willpower will be low and you’ll struggle to focus. 

Spiritual energy - Everything is made of energy so when your spiritual energy’s low you’ll feel a lack of connection to Source, Mother Earth and others. 

How well you control your emotional energy determines your success in life.

Different tasks need different amounts and types of energy. Creating content requires different energy to sitting in a meeting. Giving a presentation requires different energy to a networking event. While you might consider it easy to create spreadsheets all day, that might be draining for someone else. Some exercises might leave you feeling physically exhausted but emotionally energised. Maybe you love being social and networking lights you up but if you’re more introverted that could be exhausting. A feeling of dread is completely draining for anyone, so definitely deal with tasks you dread as quickly as possible, and ideally avoid them altogether. 

Once you’ve created the audit, lookout for patterns such as giving a presentation on a Monday morning might score a -2 but maybe it scores a +2 on a Friday.


Imagine queuing for coffee. As your name’s called you head to the counter to take your cup when someone else rushes in, grabs it and walks off with it. You definitely wouldn’t be ok with that and you certainly shouldn’t be! That’s because you created a boundary to stop people taking advantage of you. 

A boundary is the line between what you allow and what you don’t allow. 

Now imagine you’re working with a client and you have an hour-long meeting every week, but for whatever reason they keep asking you questions after the time is up. At first you let it happen, but after a couple of sessions you’ll feel bad you’re having to tell your client you need to go. Yet it’s not your fault.

Diving deeper, what's the real reason you want to help? Are you helping because you want to be liked and you fear if you don't help them, they won't? Or maybe because you want validation and for someone to love you?

You may have been through a spiritual awakening. In many cases that awakening was caused by a painful past. A painful past that made you feel like an outsider, looking for love and validation to feel accepted. 

The problem is looking for external validation is draining you. Subconsciously you’re helping from a place of guilt. You’re working to achieve validation from someone else, which means you’re not working in alignment with your true purpose. And if that's the case, you’re going to be exhausting yourself even before you factor in the energy drain of doing things you didn’t actually want to do.

Failing to set boundaries doesn’t just affect you. You’re enabling someone else and stopping their growth. You’re preventing them from learning for themselves. In fact, if you don’t set boundaries you're essentially stealing their power to receive validation. Someone needed you. You were the hero. 

Boundaries represent your self-worth. By being clear about your boundaries you’ll respect yourself more and others will respect you too. Remind yourself that you're not responsible for other people’s problems. You're not responsible for their emotional issues. You're not responsible for their self-development. 

“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving through you, a joy” - Rumi

With clear boundaries you won’t stretch yourself so much and you’ll recharge your energy faster to achieve more. 


Think about when you exercise. You take short breaks between each activity to allow yourself to catch your breath, release tension in your muscles and allow your body to recharge oxygen and nutrients. You certainly wouldn’t go for a 10 hour non-stop run, every day of the week. 

It’s the same with your brain. It’s an organ like other parts of your body. Which means when you’re working hard; being creative, making decisions or speaking to clients, the load on your brain is high. Like other parts of your body, it needs rest and recovery time. 

“I’ve found that the easiest, fastest and most effective way to increase energy is to master transitions” - Brendon Burchard

You will perform better if you have frequent breaks. Physical trainers are suggesting that professional athletes train far too much and for increased performance, they should be resting up to 40% more. The brain works similarly. 

Brendon Burchard suggests taking a couple of minutes between tasks. Perhaps you’ve been working on a presentation and you’re about to have a client meeting. When you finish work on the presentation, push yourself back from your computer, close your eyes and repeat the word “release” for 1 or 2 minutes until you feel relaxed in your mind and body. Then set your intention for the next task, the client meeting. How do you want the meeting to go, how do you want to show up? Open your eyes and off you go. 

Brendon even recommends taking a break every 45 minutes. Meaning you work with total focus for 45 minutes, then take a break, including away from your phone for 15 minutes. At the very least move your body and clear your mind for 1 or 2 minutes every hour. Even doing this is a simple but very powerful technique for being highly energy efficient and reclaiming your power.

A note on multi-tasking - Huge amounts of energy are lost when switching between tasks. Think about a car driving forward then suddenly going into reverse. Changing direction like that takes a lot of energy. It’s the same with multi-tasking, which is switching rapidly back and forth between activities. Sure it’s possible but you’re splitting your attention between multiple tasks while giving none of them your full attention. However it’s the energy lost during rapid task switching which means you’re running yourself down much quicker than usual. Stay focused on one task at a time to reserve your energy and perform more effectively.

“CEO’s and senior execs today have the energy levels of professional athletes” - Brendon Burchard


Gary Vee talks about hustling most hours of the day. That may be possible but over time you’ll end up burnt out. If you protect and recharge your energy through auditing, setting boundaries and managing your task transitions, you’ll be able to perform more efficiently, achieve more in your day and have energy left for doing even more things you love.


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