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January 18, 2021 8 min read

Gina DeVee’s a super successful, soul-aligned businesswoman living a luxury lifestyle and here are her pricing tips for service-based entrepreneurs.

She’s a self-confessed Queen, which means as well as being self-made and living the high life, she's as balanced in her masculine and feminine energy as she is with her spirituality and business skills.

Gina can do it all and she’s leading the way for others in the Queenhood. She knows that just like any Queen she’s here to help everyone rise.

It wasn’t always like that though.

At the beginning of Gina’s career, she started out as a relationship counsellor struggling for clients and struggling with confidence in her own services.

Gina had to learn each of these lessons the hard way. Read on to save yourself some time and effort.


When she first started her business, a couple would come in for relationship counselling and Gina would open the conversation by saying she can offer discounts on her hourly rate. 

She was putting herself down before her clients had even asked about her pricing.

Deep inside she knew she offered great value for her clients but lacked the confidence to charge full rates. They’d tell her they didn’t have money for fixing their relationship, but she was seeing them spend much more on divorce.

Over time she realised she was waiting for her clients to give her the external validation she needed before charging full rates. This wasn’t about the money for her clients, it was about value. And they weren’t valuing her services because she wasn’t valuing herself.

Gina’s Tip:  Make sure you price your services the right way.

Lowering your prices like this isn’t a sustainable strategy. It’s a race to the bottom. Eventually someone else will offer it even cheaper. Focus on standing up for what you’re worth.


Gina realised she needed the confidence to tell her clients upfront what it was going to take to transform their relationship.

After all, someone going for surgery doesn’t haggle with the doctor and say can you do a 4 hour surgery in 20mins.

Rebuilding relationships is valuable work with huge benefit to her clients and their families. Gina knew she could do that work for them, she just needed to value herself more.

As the concept that her work was valuable sank in, her self-belief strengthened and her wealth consciousness rose. It was the beginning of an upward spiral where having self-belief makes people trust you more and want to work with you. 

Undervaluing your services is not of value to yourself, your clients or anyone.

She took a stand by fixing her hourly rate and sticking with it. In fact, she even raised her rates slightly.

Gina’s Tip:  Your clients won’t trust you until you trust yourself.

Once you trust in the value of what you're offering, you’ll know you can get your clients the results they want and you won’t have any doubts about your rates.


Gina believed the key to a successful business was to provide her clients with as much value as possible. During counselling sessions, Gina tried fixing ALL their problems but counselling work, like most client work, isn’t resolved in a few sessions. That would be like trying to squeeze your entire weekly grocery shopping into your black Rockstud clutch bag.

Gina realised instead of trying to fix all her clients problems she needed to niche down.

If she focused on the specific things her clients wanted help with, instead of trying to address all their problems, the clients saw faster results. It wasn’t going to fix all their problems but Gina had to come to terms with that not being her problem.

Gina’s Tip:  Trying to fix ALL your client’s problems can be a mistake.

Gina always wanted to overdeliver. But that’s not the same as trying to cure every issue in your clients’ lives. You need to get the right amount of transformation for the price.


If clients weren’t seeing results after a few sessions they would quit working with Gina and get divorced. In their minds, they would balance the cost of Gina’s counselling against the cost of a divorce and divorce was starting to look like the cheaper option.

They often wouldn’t look at the whole picture, which takes into account divorce payments, a lost relationship and emotional damage.

If Gina didn’t get her clients to see results they weren’t going to another counsellor, they were going to a divorce lawyer.

Gina’s Tip:  Be clear on who you’re competing against for the client.

It’s important to understand who your competition really is. It then makes it possible to rationalise your services to your clients.


Gina’s single biggest breakthrough was realising the best clients are the most committed. It’s the clients who really trust what you’re offering and most importantly they want to make it work for themselves.

Gina decided no more single sessions as it’s not enough time to drive change.

She tried a 4 session pack. However with sessions spread out clients can lose focus, be distracted by life and fall back into old habits.

The next step was to try full-day sessions to really lock in new behaviours. These intensive VIP packs were more than she’d ever charged but she felt they would be of massive benefit for clients.

Then Gina saw one of her mentors and was blown away when she discovered they were charging $10k a day! Gina wanted to raise her prices but didn’t have the confidence to start charging that amount. Instead, she felt her skills (and her wealth consciousness) deserved $1k as a day rate.

After Gina’s first client couple spent an entire day with her she saw amazing results. 

Seeing her clients thriving boosted her confidence and she charged her next clients $1.5k. The next time it was $3k and her prices have only gone up from there.

Gina’s Tip:  Your self-belief grows from your client’s results.

Once you start charging higher fees, it makes you much more focused. You work harder to get the results your clients want. It makes you focus on what you're good at.


Gina started to offer even longer packages. Clients who worked with Gina for 90 days learned new skills, new tools and a new understanding and awareness of themselves. They would feel better and think the work was done. But 90 days wasn’t long enough to lock in results.

The work hadn’t stuck. The clients would call a few months later to start sessions again.

That was when she introduced packages combining weekly sessions and intensive full-day sessions over 6 months for $6k. That was more than she had ever charged but she truly believed it would benefit her clients.

Finding clients prepared to pay $6k and spend 6 months with her was not easy. In the beginning, she was selling one $6k package every 4 to 6 months. But the results were amazing.

Those early clients were really seeing the benefits and thrilled with their investment. Plus it was a cheaper option than divorcing! No moving houses, no splitting possessions, no emotional damage, they were able to remain with the person they fell in love with.

Gina’s Tip:  Only work with clients who are as invested and 'all in' to get results as you are.

In the beginning, it won’t be easy living from only a handful of clients each year, but working on such a deep level will build your self-confidence massively to be able to offer longer packages for greater transformation.


The question is how to provide maximum value for your client. Your best clients will be the ones who benefit the most. They’ll be the most committed and the ones you have the greatest impact on.

Your best clients will become your reputation - spreading the word so others will want to work with you.

There’s a much smaller number of these clients. They’re harder to find. But you’ll enjoy working with them more. They’ll pay attention to the work you’re doing with them and they’ll become your superfans. You’ll have the self-confidence to go deeper with future clients and get increasingly amazing results for them, which in turn will boost your money mindset.

Gina’s Tip:  Your best clients will confirm the value of your work.

It’s often said that you don’t have a business until you have sales through word of mouth. The way to ensure that is giving a service so good that your clients cannot wait to tell others.


Gina says the only way you’re going to be able to consistently draw in the best clients and charge the prices you know you’re worth is to value yourself and build your self-belief. The only way to do that is to get started.

It didn’t happen for Gina overnight but she had a vision, started building and created her own self-belief. She started from nothing while focusing on providing the best possible value for her clients. That’s a formula anyone can follow!

Gina’s Tip:  It doesn’t matter where you start...but you do have to start!

Gina made several mistakes on her way to Queenhood but looking back she’ll know it’s all part of the journey. Much better to learn from mistakes than to not start at all.


Struggling to find clients to commit to her 6 month package Gina looked at her bank account and saw she was down to her last $100. She had no more clients lined up. Things were not looking good.

Gina had just started learning about wealth consciousness and the law of attraction. 

She needed clients to survive, but on top of that, she wanted $30k for some training she’d heard about which she thought could totally transform her life and career.

With her newfound Law of Attraction mindset she used the daily affirmations “I see myself with this money”, “I see myself having an incredible life”, “I see myself with $30k in two weeks”.

Her husband turned to her “Gina, just in case this money doesn't appear…” Gina shut him down before he could say another word because she knew the money was coming.

2 days before the $30k training deadline Gina’s wrapping up with her last client couples. One husband out of the blue says “You’re an incredible counsellor, I want you to coach my sales team”. Sales! It wasn’t Gina’s area of expertise but she knew she could do it. So she said yes. It turned out he had 10 people on his sales team. He bought $60k worth of training right there on the spot.

Not only did Gina end up with double what she needed for her training but she still had 2 days to go.

Gina’s Tip:  Don’t ever doubt the Universe - it always has your back.

You don’t know where your clients are going to come from. But it doesn’t matter. All you need to know is that it is going to happen. Focus on what you want, have unshakable faith that the Universe will deliver and start heading in the right direction taking aligned action.


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