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22 November 2017

Your heart’s pounding, your knees feel weak and it’s a super long way down...

But adventure is more than just jumping off a cliff with a parachute strapped to your back.

We asked our favourite badass women what adventure means to them.  Check out below how they get their kicks.


what does adventure mean to you hilary fierce

Travel babe and beauty seeker Federica Potenza, better known as ‘Hilary Fierce’, is a modern-day nomad whose hunger for exploration keeps her reporting on the streets, cultures and places which inspire her creativity.

She describes adventure in her own words...

A - A
cceptance.  Accept the fact that there’s a place and a time for an adventure, always.
D - Desire.  An insatiable hunger for the extraordinary and unexpected.
V - Voyaging.  Physically, metaphysically and psychologically; beyond space, time and reason.
E - Exploration.  A lot of it.
N - Nervousness and itchy feet.
T - Trust.  In yourself, your adventure and others.
U - U-Turn.  Always remember where you came from and what you left behind, and when the time is ripe and the adventure over, make a U-turn and go home.
R - Ruthlessness.  Forget about the rules, be savage.
E - Emotions.  Embrace them all.  It’s often what we remember the most.

Insta:  @hilaryfierce
Web:  hilaryfierce.blogspot.co.uk


what does adventure mean to you july jones

Fearless and not afraid to push the boundaries, this is July Jones.  Her recent single ‘Jump in the Water’ is about being fully committed.  She’s an inspiration for all those who’ve had a dream from a young age and one to watch!

This is her story...

"Adventure to me is doing something I love in life, which in my case means music.  I've known that music was all I wanted to do ever since I was six years old when I started taking classical piano lessons.  Ever since I've been on its rollercoaster of ups and downs, travelled the world, and never looked back.  I think it’s bold living off my passion and sticking with it no matter how hard it might get.  It's adventurous to me because I never know where it might lead me which always leaves me with a feeling of excitement and longing for more."

Insta:  @julyjones
Music:  julyjones.lnk.to/badinfluence


what does adventure mean to you cocodisco

An international upbringing has filled Cocodisco’s life with plenty of colour.  This is one girl who knows how to party!  And it shows whenever she’s in control of the dancefloor.  Where’s the Cocodisco train because we want to get onboard!

This is her take on how to embrace life...

"Adventure time let’s go!  Gold glitter disco parties, building epic living room forts, showcasing my Cocodisco clothing line around the world, seeing how many friends you can fit into a bubble bath, living that mermaid life swimming and sunning in turquoise waters and lagoons, being squirrely with my squirrel friends, music festivals, disco balls in the jungle, themed dress up soirees, making up fake identities, playing croquet after polishing off too many bottles of bubbly to count, sunrises at extravagant villas, heating the swimming pool to 100 degrees and making a giant hot tub!  Until next time XOXO COCO"

Insta:  @cocodisco
Web:  cocodisco.co


what does adventure mean to you samantha mariko

You might expect a DJ to enjoy a life of travel and fun but Samantha Mariko takes it to a new level.  Growing up in California and now living in Tokyo, she’s taken on two completely different cultures giving her a unique perspective, and luckily for us, she found it in music.

Here’s what mixing it up (pardon the pun) means to her...

"Adventure is stepping outside of your comfort zone.  After living in southern California for 22 years, I decided to take a leap of faith and move to Tokyo, Japan to pursue a career that had nothing to do with my college degree.  It has been the most difficult 5+ years in my life trying to adjust to a different place and culture, but also the most exciting and I know I've changed and grown significantly as a person.  I wouldn't be the person that I am today if I didn't take that chance.  Instead of "what if?" just do it!"

Insta:  @samanthamariko
Web:  samanthamariko.com


what does adventure mean to you apoelise

After growing up in Canada, Elise Purdon knew she had to see the outside world.  Following a five year stretch living in Bangkok, she returned home with a mission - to encourage everyone to wear pyjamas all day!

Here’s her advice for not being afraid to do what you love in life...

"For me, an adventure really means being uncomfortable.  The second I find myself in a situation where I have no idea what's going on (whether that be a language, an activity or I'm simply lost something) is when I feel most alive.  There's so much knowledge in experience, so heading out to do something totally random is what I consider adventure.  It can be a new country, or simply a new activity like a funny dance class, our lives are the most interesting when they're made up of adventures (big or small) and help to shape us and grown.  I find so much beauty in being uncomfortable in a situation and that's what adventure means to me."

Insta:  @apoelise
Web:  apieceofelise.com

AND SO....

As these fearless trailblazers demonstrate, adventure is as much about jumping off a cliff as it is about following your instincts and trusting in yourself.

For us, we define adventure to be what happens when you fully embrace life.  When you’re ready for action with an open heart and open mind, then the sky's the limit.  In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

So the only question is….what does adventure mean to you?

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