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The Lowdown: Zaha Hadid Paintings

zaha hadid paintings blog post

'Metropolis', 1988

Zaha did things on her terms and broke the glass ceiling on global architecture. She was our kind of woman. Known for architecture but awesome at so much more.

Discover Zaha Hadid’s paintings from the Serpentine Sackler Gallery's 2017 show here.

london 2066 for british vogue - zaha hadid paintings
'London 2066 for British Vogue', 1991

sketch book - zaha hadid paintings
Zaha Hadid's sketch book

 sketch book - zaha hadid paintings
Zaha Hadid's sketch book

preliminary study - zaha hadid paintings
Preliminary study

victoria city aerial 1988 - zaha hadid paintings
'Victoria City Aerial', 1988

smaller sketches - zaha hadid paintings
Various smaller sketches

berlin 2000 - zaha hadid paintings
'Berlin', 2000

vision for madrid 1992 - zaha hadid paintings
'Vision For Madrid', 1992

great utopias 1992 - zaha hadid paintings
'Great Utopias', 1992

smaller sketches - zaha hadid paintings
Various smaller sketches

serpentine sackler gallery cafe exterior
Serpentine Sackler Gallery Cafe

serpentine sackler gallery exterior

For what's currently on at the Serpentine Galleries, visit www.serpentinegalleries.org.

Posted 5th February 2017


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