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How To Choose The Perfect Holiday Using Myers-Briggs

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Think you know your perfect holiday?

Check out our guide to finding your dream destination using Myers-Briggs.

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bridesmaids I'm ready to paaaarty - how to choose the perfect holiday using myers-briggs


Your love of organising events makes you the perfect person to plan a holiday for your many friends. Everyone will want to come with you because you’ll make any sacrifice to ensure they’re all having the best time. Wherever you go there needs to be plenty of dressing up and people watching (or should we say judging?).

Your holiday soulmate:  Monica Geller

Your perfect destination:  New York 

monica geller new york - how to choose the perfect holiday using myers-briggs


You love observing and that’s one of the reasons you make such a great friend since you’re so good at recognising when someone needs your help. On the flip-side, a holiday allows you to take some much needed time for yourself. So spend it indulging in the things you love like romantic sights, soaking up the culture and picking up plenty of souvenirs for your friends back home.

Your holiday soulmate:  Charlotte York

Your perfect destination:  Paris

charlotte york paris - how to choose the perfect holiday using myers-briggs


Like your close cousin the Commander you're a natural born leader and your passion for life is what draws people to you. Your natural ability as a psychologist means you’re able to tell exactly how people are feeling and how to help them through any crisis. A camping holiday where you’re encouraging people to build fires, bug hotels and a tree swing over a river would be perfect.

Your holiday soulmate:  Cameron Tucker

Your perfect destination:  Family camping trip

cameron tucker camping - how to choose the perfect holiday using myers-briggs


Your life is focused on a never-ending thirst for knowledge and creating balance in the world. You might appear quiet but you have very strong opinions and will fight for what you believe is morally right. You need a holiday where your intellect is matched with creating something to help people.

Your holiday soulmate:  Lisa Simpson

Your perfect destination:  Building a school in Uganda

lisa simpson uganda - how to choose the perfect holiday using myers-briggs


No one else lives in the moment like you. Being the centre of attention and in the spotlight is where you feel most happy. So when your friends ask you on a last minute trip, forget any chores you have lined up, max out your credit card for the flight and grab your passport because the next few days are going to be some of the best memories you’ve ever had.

Your holiday soulmate:  Carrie Bradshaw

Your perfect destination:  Rio de Janeiro

carrie bradshaw rio de janeiro - how to choose the perfect holiday using myers-briggs


Nothing will ever hold you back, which means that tradition and logic are not nearly as important as people, ideas and pushing yourself as far as you can go. If you’re not striving you’re not living. So take yourself on holiday to a place where the mad sights and sounds are begging for adventure to happen.

Your holiday soulmate:  Harry Potter

Your perfect destination:  Marrakech

harry potter marrakech - how to choose the perfect holiday using myers-briggs


As the life and soul of the party, there’s always plenty of people and energy around you. Your endless appetite for enjoying everything the world has to offer means you need a holiday that can match your desire for fun. So take yourself somewhere the lights never fade and the action never stops. Where else but VEGAS BABY!

Your holiday soulmate:  Willy Wonka

Your perfect destination:  Las Vegas

willy wonka las vegas - how to choose the perfect holiday using myers-briggs


Although you can come across as reserved and shy you have passion flowing through your veins. Your romantic side means you love to read, travel and learn about new cultures. So go on holiday somewhere with breathtaking scenery and plenty of history, while enjoying a glass of the local wine.

Your holiday soulmate:  Bella Swan

Your perfect destination:  Mendoza, Argentina

bella swan mendoza argentina - how to choose the perfect holiday using myers-briggs


When you're given a task you won’t stop until it’s done. But this can mean you get burnt out easily, so when you’re on holiday you need some down time. Since nothing makes you happier than surrounding yourself with tradition and order, take yourself to a country where strong values are respected more than anything else.

Your holiday soulmate:  Hermione Granger

Your perfect destination:  Japan

hermione granger japan - how to choose the perfect holiday using myers-briggs


You’ll never miss a friend's birthday or break a promise and you love making sure all the pieces fit together perfectly. Your love of logic, traditions, and rules make you perfect for planning complex trips with many connections. For those reasons a grand train journey where your ability to get things done will mean cultural differences, languages and precise timings for transfers won’t be any trouble for you.

Your holiday soulmate:  Edward Cullen

Your perfect destination:  Trans-European train journey

edward cullen trans-european train journey - how to choose the perfect holiday using myers-briggs


You’re a natural born leader with plenty of drive and determination. You recognise people’s strengths and know how to encourage them to achieve their full potential. So plan a holiday that’s going to push you to your limit and show your friends what you can achieve when you work together.

Your holiday soulmate:  Miranda Priestley

Your perfect destination:  Mountain climbing in the Himalayas

miranda priestley mountain climbing - how to choose the perfect holiday using myers-briggs


The world around you is just waiting to be discovered and in no way are you going to let regulations and common social codes hold you back on your mission. Soak up the local knowledge while you become inspired to create and innovate. You need to visit a country where rules are seen more as guidelines and the history runs deep.

Your holiday soulmate:  Severus Snape

Your perfect destination:  Rome

severus snape rome - how to choose the perfect holiday using myers-briggs


You’re on a constant journey to try new experiences and even though you’re always pushing yourself you’re never phased by anything. So when you go on holiday you need a no holds barred destination where the locals are up for trying anything and having as good a time as you are.

Your holiday soulmate:  Haley Dunphy

Your perfect destination:  Ibiza

haley dunphy ibiza - how to choose the perfect holiday using myers-briggs


Grand projects make you feel alive and you’re never happier than when you’re being hands-on and learning as you go. Although you’re good in social groups your introverted nature means you need plenty of private time. Take to the road, let the wind blow through your hair, and prepare for getting your hands dirty along the way.

Your holiday soulmate:  Tris Prior

Your perfect destination:  Motorbike trip across America

tris prior motorbike trip - how to choose the perfect holiday using myers-briggs


Picking people apart along with their beliefs is like honey to a bear for you. If you don’t want to rub people up the wrong way you should choose to holiday with others who love discussing as much as you do. Go to a place where everything will be taken care of so you can focus on what you love the most; debating the theories of life, the universe and everything in between.

Your holiday soulmate:  Chandler Bing

Your perfect destination:  All-inclusive resort in Bali

chandler bing bali - how to choose the perfect holiday using myers-briggs


You love finding inconsistencies and your extremely logical mindset will probably make you critical with more careless types. However, your introverted nature makes you perfect at coming up with brilliant theories so give yourself some space to think in a place where everything runs like clockwork.

Your holiday soulmate:  Yoda

Your perfect destination:  Switzerland

yoda switzerland - how to choose the perfect holiday using myers-briggs


Now you're armed with the facts, there’s nothing stopping you from having the most awesome trip. You'll return home completely energised and ready to take on the world. 

So grab the champagne and hit recline, it's holiday time...

Posted 6th September 2017


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